brandnewfashion asked: Wait what people are saying CW justifies Superior Iron Man? ?? ?????

lmaoooo yeah some asshole went on my post about superior iron man and pulled up tony being pro-reg as being equivalent to “look tony’s always been this power hungry egotistical amoral asshole” so i had to stan tony stark how is this my life ugh stop making me stan tony stark he’s such a dumb bby i want to point at him and laugh at his miseries but ppl keep messing up basic facts about him ughghgughghghgggg  :(((((

  1. onemuseleft said: Did these people even read CW?
  2. brandnewfashion said: We all read the same things, but it’s amazing how some people STILL come to ridiculously inaccurate conclusions. He sounds like all of the writers at Marvel right now.
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