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So apparently some men have been raising the issue in regards to the Hawkeye Initiative that women are not held to the same standards as men when it comes to over-sexualizing the opposite gender, and that some submissions are just women wanting to draw Hawkeye in sexy poses, and that might make it harder for men to understand the point of this movement. (Paraphrasing here, both were worded politely and seemed to want to genuinely look at all sides of the argument)

I will not lie: I enjoyed drawing Hawkeye in a sexy pose.

In fact I like drawing sexy men in sexy poses. I’m sure many men like drawing sexy women in sexy poses. And that’s fine.

The point of the Hawkeye Initiative is not to tell men to stop drawing sexy women in sexy poses. It’s about PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS, drawing for BIG NAME INDUSTRY COMIC BOOKS that are meant FOR ALL READERS (not just men, but for women, gasp), who draw women with broken backs, fuck me poses, and outfits that are not meant for the beach, let alone battle. We draw Hawkeye in these ridiculous poses to show that if a man were to be put in that pose the woman is in, it would be ridiculous and impossible.

Women are like men too. Our bones are not “more flexible.” When women fight, we punch and kick like men do. Our punches to not suddenly expose boobs and butts as our torso twists at an impossible angle.

Stylization is fine, but if you’re going to break a female character’s back just to expose her assets, go draw your own femslash fancomic. These comics are not meant to be fap material. Women read comics too, and we don’t want to see us being portrayed as (poorly drawn) sex objects. 

And if you’re still “well if you don’t like those parts, don’t read it/just skip it,” go to the Hawkeye Initiative, look at dem male bootys go round and round, and tell me you don’t feel uncomfortable. Now imagine all of the male characters like that in all of your comic books. 

(Finally to those who say “these comics are targeted towards male readers,” I say, until Marvel and DC come out and make an open statement saying “These comics are really only for male readers,” THESE COMICS ARE MEANT FOR EVERYONE. PERIOD.)

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