Ever hear the term “SJW”? It means “social justice warrior,” and it refers specifically to people who point out racism or sexism in movies, video games, and other pop culture. Those people are considered worse than other types of critics because instead of just pointing out that a movie has flaws, they’re accusing people who like it of being awful.

Except they’re not, of course. If someone points out that the alternator belt in your car is slipping, they’re not accusing you of being some kind of mustache-twirling, white cat-stroking supervillain for having car problems. They’re not accusing you of anything. They’re talking about your fucking car.

J. F. Sargent, “5 Human Flaws That Prevent Progress and Keep Us Dumb" (Cracked.com)

I don’t know what’s been happening over at Cracked lately, but damn.

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ASOIAF fancasting:
↳ Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell

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Dear Mr. Robert Downey Jr.—


I’m sure you’re well-aware of this but your favorite Bruce Lee shirt


is semi-transparent


With love,


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tonyfujikawa replied to your photo“Um excuuuuuse you, a blissed out Tony is definitely cute ok And…”
I like to imagine how shock tony was when steve agreed.’ When I said armored sex I really mea-’ ’ Yes I know, sex with the suit on, now can you please shut the fuck up and fuck me?’ Then sex with costumes becomes their biggest kink 

also can you imagine tony making a suit specifically for sex i.e., developing sensors of some sort so he can feel all of steve’s touches through the armor 

tinmantonystark asked: my whole blog is angst like welcome to the ride of your life there is no happiness here

everyone behold: the blog of satan


Nebula & Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy

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Tony would have taken Peter and Groot back with him if he could’ve, there is not a doubt in my mind

And Peter would have never let Tony go back to Earth if he could’ve.


its a lil sad at this point that the guardians would probably try to protect tony more than the avengers would

peter and rocket and groot and gamora and drax being horrified to hear the news that tony is being hunted down by his supposed family and racing to earth to save him from steve rogers tonys one tru loooveee

Anonymous asked: wait so you consider joaquin phoenix a poc? Just wondering

what no i don’t i mistakenly thought he was but someone corrected me on this. he’s got white european ancestry he’s not a poc

Joaquin Phoenix isn’t a POC though. Look at his parents ancestry on Wikipedia.

huh you’re right mainly english on dad’s side azkenashi jewish on mom ‘s side my bad…….

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Canadian, Please

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