It’s Okay

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The district 1 guy looks so much like peeta

Never liked how rue just…died…. :((((

Why would u genetically modify wasps

Cinna is my fav character like i actually dont care for anyone cept cinna lol

District 1s fashion sense is so hideous christ

Also whoever shot this movie had a horrible love for tracking and shaky cam my eyes are about to roll out of my head

finally watching the hunger games and jfc why is district 12 so white i cant spot a single poc

Anonymous asked: more friends with benefits au pretty please? <3


(continuation of this.)

Before the no-strings-attached sex started, Steve used to show up at Tony’s door with a movie or Chinese food, or maybe coffee if Tony had managed to whine him into submission.

Now, more often than not, Steve turns up with a half-empty bottle of vodka, a lazy grin and a hard-on. Tony isn’t used to this, doesn’t think he’s ever going to get used to it, but he thinks he’s getting the hang of it, at least.

Then Steve shows up at his door at 11 PM wearing nothing but booty pants and neon pink tassels over his nipples, and, okay, Tony admits he’s a little caught off-guard.

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